Antpool | Houston Rockets Go Crypto with AntPool

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The world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool company selected Pierpont to engage media and build consumer confidence in alternative currencies by leveraging the company’s sponsorship of the Houston Rockets.


At Pierpont, our teams have diversified interests and always keep a pulse on market disruptors, so when AntPool called, we were quick to deploy. Understanding the nuances of our clients when they’re looking for market entry or brand awareness campaigns is key, and our team was able to accomplish the client’s goals without any downtime to understanding the important role AntPool and cryptocurrencies play in the future of digital currencies.


Using traditional tactics, Pierpont secured coverage of AntPool’s sponsorship in Houston and industry (cryptocurrency and sports) publications, including Houston Chronicle, Houston Business Journal, Bitcoin Exchange Guide, BitCoinist, CryptoVibes, Blockchain News, and The campaign garnered more than 100 million impressions and brought the desired attention to the new presence in Houston.

Million Impressions 100