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Founded in 1978, Target Hospitality, formerly known as Target Lodging, is the largest integrated workforce housing and hospitality services company in the United States. The company is focused on building, owning, and operating housing communities across several end markets, including oil, gas, pipeline, and government. Pierpont is proud to have worked with Target Lodging for nearly ten years. During that time, Pierpont has leveraged a wide breadth of services on behalf of Target Lodging.


Pierpont worked with Target Lodging through two branding exercises, as the company expanded and diversified its offerings. As a result, Target changed its name to better reflect its industry specialization and services and became known as Target Lodging. Pierpont has also been instrumental to Target Lodging’s industry engagement strategy. From events support to developing collateral for major conferences, Pierpont served as Target Lodging’s partner for how best to engage with industry leaders and potential customers through experiential marketing techniques.


Due to its work on high-profile infrastructure projects, Pierpont developed a crisis plan for Target Lodging and conducted training simulations over several years to prepare Target Lodging employees for any possible crisis incident. This has proven to be beneficial as the company continues to successfully navigate challenging engagements and environments in the public eye. In addition, Pierpont developed a public affairs strategy for Target Lodging. When new city regulations within a major oil & gas hub threatened to ban temporary workforce housing, Pierpont worked with Target Lodging to engage with policymakers and facilitated conversations with the community. As a result, Target Lodging was successful in reopening a facility in the area.


Finally, Pierpont developed and implemented communications strategies through an acquisition of a competitor and subsequent IPO. When Target Lodging encountered pressing business challenges, company leaders regularly called on Pierpont, and we consistently delivered results.