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For nearly a decade, Pierpont partnered with Money Management International (MMI) to support its branding, PR, crisis communications and social media needs as the company rapidly expanded. Our work together spanned multiple US DMAs and yielded millions upon millions of positive earned media impressions. Routinely, the team was executing simultaneous campaigns under the CCCS brand to local and regional media in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.


This meant that Pierpont was engaging relevant media in no less than four stories each month to no less than ten separate audiences.


Additionally, Pierpont worked with MMI to create a series of creative client surveys to track the spending and shopping habits of MMI’s clients. The surveys were designed to solicit new and interesting responses on common topics. By finding a creative way to use statistics to cover an annual topic, Pierpont piqued the interest of numerous top-tier reporters, resulting in hundreds of high-profile stories. In one year, MMI went from minimal national recognition to stories in Woman’s Day, Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, CBSMarketwatch, CNN Money, Modern Bride, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and the Associated Press, among others. Due to the resulting media coverage, what was once a local Telemundo TV weekly personal finance segment grew into a nationally syndicated broadcast.


The weekly columns concept we built out were published in Arizona, New Mexico, and Illinois. In one year, Pierpont secured approximately 1,030 MMI stories for a total audience reach of 1,056,804,504, which equates to a 215% increase.