CFI | Promoting Healthcare Financing through Thought Leadership & Brand Awareness

Professional & Financial, Technology & Innovation, Marketing & Creative, Public Relations

CFI, a leading fintech company offering flexible financial solutions for healthcare providers, engaged Pierpont to develop comprehensive company messaging, enact an aggressive industry and leadership awards push (and win!), and create a robust thought leadership campaign for the CEO, including an expanded social media presence, executive blog, introductions to relevant networking groups and securing opportunities for byline placements in key industry trade publications, such as Dentistry Today.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Pierpont expanded its focus from the core CFI brand to that of its two product brands. To spread awareness of and engagement for its promotional offer to dental practices across the U.S., Pierpont identified numerous channels for amplification, including a series of blog posts, bylines, press releases and email campaigns. Increased awareness of the promotional offer allowed CFI to more than double customer enrollment during the pandemic.

A client for nearly two years, Pierpont is now assisting CFI with additional product brand awareness campaigns, while also continuing to pursue awards and thought leadership opportunities for the company and its leadership team. Pierpont’s overall engagement with CFI has helped further solidify the reputation of key executives, as well as position the company as a leader in healthcare fintech.