CyrusOne | Elevating Organic Social Media Strategy for Data Center Leader

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CyrusOne is a global leader in data center solutions, providing infrastructure for businesses worldwide. Looking for a more data-driven approach to their social media content, CyrusOne engaged Pierpont’s expertise. CyrusOne wanted to increase brand awareness and increase engagement with their social followers.


Develop an organic strategic approach using quality diverse content that uplifts awareness, drives new followers, and boosts engagement.


Pierpont’s social media strategy for CyrusOne involved preparing content of different formats of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. The team closely analyzed content that drove the most engagement and monitored overall online presence. The new social media content focused on resonating key themes that are important to CyrusOne, such as sustainability, bridging the skills gap, showcasing employees, and AI.


Since Pierpont’s management, the social media strategy has yielded success with increased engagement and follower growth. Across all social platforms, LinkedIn achieved the greatest growth, where followers grew by 42.1%, which broadened CyrusOne’s online community. In addition, we increased LinkedIn page views by 14.8% and unique visitors by 11.7% boosting brand visibility. Engagement rates on LinkedIn, increased by 33.2%, demonstrating increased interest from CyrusOne’s audience.

% Growth in LinkedIn Followers 42.1
% Increase in LinkedIn Page Views 14.8