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Dallas-based Academic Partnerships works with public and private not-for-profit universities to improve and encourage global higher education. Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and former Governor Jeb Bush joined Academic Partnership’s 2014 Globalization of Higher Education Conference, which included university presidents, provosts, and other thought leaders from across the nation to discuss the benefits of extending access to higher education around the world.


Academic Partnerships turned to Pierpont Dallas to further expand this conversation in national media and create online engagement.


In addition to identifying the critical issues and key messages for the conference, Pierpont’s team established a three-pronged strategy to share this message: media relations outreach for local, national, and trade media; content development for social media and creation of an online newsroom; and video production support.


The team produced a satellite media tour and facilitated interviews with conference speakers on national and local television during the conference, in addition to successfully producing videos and end-of-day recap articles onsite. Pierpont’s extensive planning and positioning produced more than 180 pieces of media coverage, including placement on CNN, FOX Business, The Wall Street JournalThe Dallas Morning News, and more.

Pieces of Media Coverage 180+