Money Management International | Increasing Brand Awareness and Consumer Education for Leading Financial Counseling Nonprofit

Nonprofits & Education, Public Relations

A previous client for nearly a decade, Money Management International (MMI) reengaged Pierpont at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to conduct national and localized media relations activities in key markets to increase consumer education of the nonprofit’s financial counseling services. With consumer finance-related headlines appearing in the media every day due to the economic downturn, Pierpont began immediate media relations efforts to secure coverage that spotlighted the organization as a resource any consumer could turn to during the unprecedented times.


Pierpont worked with MMI’s team of nine subject matter experts to insert them into the conversations both in the national media landscape as well as in MMI’s key target markets. The SMEs provided commentary on a number of topics, such as how to best spend stimulus checks, what to do if you cannot pay your mortgage or rent, and what happens when credit and loan deferments through the CARES Act end.


MMI was spotlighted or included in multiple national top tier media, including NerdWallet, Forbes, Fox Business, The Associated Press, HuffPost, CNBC, NBC News,,, TIME, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and The Atlanta Journal Constitution, many of which were syndicated across the country. Over the course of a nine-month period, Pierpont’s efforts helped secure more than 600 article mentions.

As the country shifts to recovery mode, Pierpont continues to work with MMI to promote its financial service offerings, including debt management plans – a tool many consumers will use to tackle the debt accumulated throughout 2020.