Forbes features Pierpont client Rockspring Capital

Featured as a recent Forbes’ guest writer, President and CEO of Rockspring Capital, Jim McAlister, discussed how Houston is leading Texas and the nation with economic success, a manufacturing boom and population growth in “Welcome to Houston, Texas – Still America’s Economic Miracle.” 

Pierpont was pleased to help secure this opportunity for our client Rockspring Capital, especially in an article that highlights such a great city. Jim McAlister’s piece was published on Friday, February 27 and received nearly 30,000 views in the first few days. 

Here’s a snapshot: As CEO of the only firm specializing in Texas land investments, I have watched Texas’ economic and population growth with equal parts amazement and excitement. The demand for land to provide housing, businesses and infrastructure throughout the state, coupled with a shortage of developed land parcels to meet this demand, has made Texas real estate theoptimal investment. The “Texas story” of economic prosperity is playing out now in a way not seen since the California gold rush. In fact, Texas’ economic and population growth has ignited the USA’s first land rush of the 21st century.