Hemeyer Comments on Retail Crises Amid COVID-19

Hemeyer Comments on Retail Crises during COVID

In the PR News Crisis Insider August issue, Executive Counsel Terry Hemeyer addresses Winn-Dixie’s reversal of its in-store mask policy. 

The southern supermarket changed its stance on wearing masks in its stores in July after months of allowing shoppers and employees to chose for themselves amid the COVID-19 pandemic, citing customer feedback as the reason for the reversal. However, some questioned the company’s motivations, as it also coincided with a new messaging from President Trump.

While the true motivation behind the adjusted policy may be unknown, Hemeyer explains that “it’s OK to change your position as long as you communicate it.” He shares examples of how a retailer like Winn-Dixie can effectively communicate to its customers, like posting signs in and around the store, and emphasizes the importance of training employees on how to properly enforce the new policy.

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