Externship Participants Gain PR Insights from Pierpont Experts


To remain committed to continuing education, Pierpont hosts an annual Externship Agency Program filled with learning and development sessions guided by our very own experts. Wrapping up our 3rd annual Externship event, we were fortunate enough to have more than 100 attendees representing dozens of schools and organizations across the country. Over the course of the program, students were given the necessary tools to expand their PR and marketing skills, giving them a working knowledge of agency life upon completion!

Media Relations & Social Media

Our externship began with a high-level overview of a few of our areas of expertise, including media relations and social media. Pierpont experts Hunter Dodson and Jack Holmes coached the attendees on key strategies regarding storytelling and identifying a target market, building the perfect pitch, and the current state of the media.  

As a compliment to media relations, students were additionally guided through social media tactics and strategies by Bradlee Borgfeldt and Uniqua Williams. No social channel is used the same way, so Bradlee and Uniqua relayed the importance of cross-platform posting and how to adjust a company’s brand voice based on the social media platform, industry, and target audience. Students then practiced social media content writing and shared their efforts with their peers.

Digital Marketing & Crisis Communications

Day 2 of Pierpont’s Externship kicked off with a presentation by Chris Ferris and Stephanie Pelaez that covered all things related to digital marketing. Chris and Stephanie gave students the tools to understand responsive website designs, organic traffic management, SEO, the customer journey, and what to expect when utilizing paid digital advertising. The digital marketing industry evolves daily, which requires a fast-minded, forward-thinking mentality to stay ahead of the curve.

Following this discussion, Pierpont Leaders Martha Cook and Allison Murray shared a thoughtful presentation on crisis communications and the landscape of the industry today. Martha and Allison shared with the students not only how important crisis communications is for an organization, but the importance of establishing goodwill among customers and audiences.

Agency Life 101, Networking & Today’s Job Market

To wrap up our Externship program, leaders of Pierpont spoke with students on what to expect in an agency role and how to build a steadfast network in today’s job market. Pierpont’s Clint Woods and Elysa Woods began the day by explaining the foundational precepts of Pierpont and how we utilize our culture and talent to remain at the forefront of this industry. The students were coached on how to increase the value of their learning opportunities and the importance of pursuing spaces where curiosity leads them. There is no shortage of job opportunities in the public relations industry, so Clint and Elysa encouraged students to be proactive in finding their niche and exploring avenues where they can capitalize on their talent.

Dave Stump and Terry Hemeyer ended the program with an overview of today’s job market and how to get energized by networking opportunities. Dave began the discussion by offering tips for feeling confident when networking, and how to be successful in building on those relationships for future job opportunities. Building on Dave’s presentation, Terry spent the remainder of the session giving the students helpful ways to standout in an interview, encouraging students to look for internships that will maximize the value of their learning experiences, and explaining how to stay confident in a constantly changing job market.

At Pierpont, we believe in building pathways for people that want to learn more about the public relations industry and will continue to support the opportunities where we can take part in those journeys. Congratulations to the students who completed Pierpont’s 2022 Externship Agency Program!

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