CyrusOne | Repositioning a Leading Brand and Driving Awareness Through Marketing

Professional & Financial, Technology & Innovation, Digital Marketing, Public Relations

CyrusOne is leading provider of data center solutions, enabling the computing needs for businesses around the world. However, it’s difficult to differentiate a brand in a crowded, often commoditized marketplace dominated by a few players – and their messaging also was outdated and no longer valid in the current environment. CyrusOne partnered with Pierpont to help update and define the brand promise across all target audiences and stakeholders. 


We sought to achieve three main objectives: (1) Highlight key differentiators that separate CyrusOne from others; (2) Focus on current, most relevant customer needs and technologies to replace or update older messages; (3) Develop messaging that articulates the company’s outstanding culture as a differentiator to external stakeholders, including prospects, and as a motivational force internally for all employees.


Pierpont began with an inside-out discovery process to discover and amplify CyrusOne’s current market distinction. In addition to a complete audit of the website, all marketing and sales collateral, and other content, the Pierpont team interviewed employees from the top of the organization to customer–facing roles across the company to obtain honest, organic input. The team then reached out to customers and influencers for candid feedback that would ultimately be leveraged to present a unified message that will be authentic to the company and resonate in an evolving marketplace. 


The new key messaging was launched internally to create companywide brand ambassadors and a unified rally cry to fuel an aggressive market growth strategy under new private ownership. With a simplified, impactful, and validated message, new content is being created and deployed across all channels including the website, sales and marketing materials, social media channels, ESG reporting and more.  

Moving forward, Pierpont will assist with the development and deployment of strategic marketing campaigns across geographic and vertical trade industry targets to reach, educate and engage key customers seeking a leading data center partner.