Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics

Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals & Clinics | Healthcare Giant Seeks to Sell

Healthcare & Wellness, Public Relations

For more than 80 years, Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics (TMFHC), a very well-known network of healthcare practitioners and facilities, has provided world-class healthcare services in East Texas. With a highly recognizable brand, respected leadership, and strong financial position, the decision to sell to a larger healthcare organization ran the risk of negative reaction within the communities it serves, as well as with doctors, nurses, patients, and elected officials.


Pierpont was charged with creating a communications strategy and execution plan that would convey to each audience why this strategic sale was the right one— alleviating concerns about any possible demise of this beloved community institution and employer.


Preparing for a Seamless Transition

Pierpont met with TMFHC executives to understand the sensitivities and local politics, discuss all affected audiences and then determine key messages. After intensive on-site meetings, Pierpont developed a plan to communicate with each of the audience, six in total, to ease concerns and highlight opportunities for the strategic sale. Under the plan, Pierpont outlined the timing, tactics, and important considerations for each audience and possible scenarios, ensuring no stone was left unturned.


We also hosted an onsite media training for TMFHC executives to practice the delivery of these key messages, going so far as to host a mock press conference/media briefing to tackle the hard questions. In the end, TMFHC’s announcement went even better than expected— there was no negative community backlash, no material loss of staff, and no deterioration of employee morale.

The media coverage was 100% positive and key elected officials supported the organization’s decision. In the words of the client, the work done by Pierpont was “outstanding in every way.”