Stoller | Maintaining Stakeholder Trust Amidst a Company Transition

Energy & Power, Technology & Innovation, Public Affairs, Public Relations

Stoller, a multi-national plant science company based in Houston, Texas, wanted to prepare their company messaging ahead of being acquired by an industry leading competitor. Stoller was faced with assuring stakeholders during a time of change and leaned on Pierpont to help them craft messaging that would support the executive leadership team and ease the concerns of both internal and external stakeholders.


Support the executive leadership team with custom messaging and ease the concerns of all stakeholders during the transition.


Pierpont worked alongside Stoller to develop appropriate messaging. This endeavor began with a half-day communication workshop with regional leadership from multiple countries, setting up their roles as communications ambassadors, aligning global and regional messaging, hosting listening sessions to gather communication concerns and training them on key brand messages. Following the workshop, Pierpont took insights gained to develop tailored messaging based on specific audience sets.


Stoller had a successful messaging platform that was presented as part of the broader communications response plan and played a key role in addressing stakeholder concerns once the acquisition was announced.