SparkCognition | Engaging a Vertical Audience to Establish Industry Expertise

Technology & Innovation, Public Relations

SparkCognition, an enterprise artificial intelligence technology developer whose customers are trusted with defense, infrastructure, and industrial systems across the globe, partnered with Pierpont to leverage the firm’s vertical expertise in oil and gas.


Pierpont began the effort by conducting media tours which introduced the company’s vertical subject matter experts to top-tier national business and trade media such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, E&P, and more.


Following this and over the course of a year, Pierpont helped boost the company’s reputation as a thought leader in the industry through consistent, targeted media engagements that resulted in placements with FOX Business, E&P, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and more.


In addition, Pierpont developed and provided a series of customized media and communications training sessions for SparkCognition’s marketing team.