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Science History Institute | Influencer Engagement to Drive Event Attendance

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The Science History Institute, an organization that preserves and promotes the understanding of the history of science, partnered with a prominent Houston family, to host a symposium to discuss innovation and infrastructure in Houston, and what needs to be done for Houston to remain a technology and innovation leader in the next century. The Institute engaged Pierpont to drive the attendance of key audiences to the event.


With over three decades of experience and networking in Houston, Pierpont leveraged relationships with Houston thought leaders and key influencers in the innovation scene to help drive interest in the symposium and attendance.


In preparation for the symposium, Pierpont developed key messaging points and communications collateral to further engage key target audiences and facilitated key introductions. On-site, Pierpont led the management of the event and further introductions of key stakeholders and thought leaders.


The symposium allowed for an engaged dialogue about Houston’s role in the biotech and medical innovation space, but it was Pierpont’s relationships that yielded strong attendance and engagement and increased awareness of the Institute's mission and goal. Pierpont also helped set the attendance record for a Science History Museum symposium held in Houston with nearly 200 attendees and engagement from key influencers.