Seventus | Cooperative Messaging

Energy & Power, Crisis Management, Public Affairs, Public Relations

Seventus is a renewable energy developer that places an emphasis on greenfield and repowering projects in the United States. In order to maximize success and create greater community understanding of their services, they needed to enhance their communication strategies.


Pierpont’s goal with Seventus in Wharton County, Texas, was to provide fast-reaction content, strategy, and on-site advisor services designed to set a coordinated messaging platform for community outreach, local public affairs, messaging, crisis communications, and other aspects of the company’s program of expansion into the local communities and influencer sets.


We engaged in a comprehensive media relations and public affairs campaign at town hall meetings, county board hearings, and other local and governmental gatherings throughout Wharton County and related state locations. Our work required delicate messages and delivery for a hostile local landowner group that engaged local officials.


These efforts resulted in the implementation of brand awareness activities, regional and executive team mobilization, particularly in regard to misinformation disseminated by local groups, and crisis communications counsel and supporting digital and social programs as needed.