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IPT Global was seen as a trusted source for their core targets for years but needed to become a more visible thought leader in order to reach the masses.


IPT Global, a pioneer in oil and gas software development, partnered with Pierpont to increase brand visibility, elevate their messaging and boost their sales enablement toolkit. 


Pierpont began the relationship with IPT Global by identifying and defining their unique offering and differentiators. Through this discovery phase, Pierpont was able to solidify IPT Global’s message as the industry-leading software platform that oil and gas operators needed to be using to optimize their pressure tests and to save time and money through the prevention of unplanned pulls. Next, Pierpont developed a proactive and strategic content strategy to amplify the outstanding service that IPT Global’s software was performing.

Pierpont also revised IPT Global’s sales enablement toolkit, by refreshing the messaging and look and feel to better represent the client’s innovative and technology-focused ethos. The executive summary deck, brochure, and other key sales takeaways were crucial to IPT Global’s expanding footprint across the globe.

Finally, Pierpont targeted local and national trade media to set up introductory interviews to showcase IPT Global’s technology and proven solutions.


Through the targeted media relations efforts, Pierpont was able to secure a contributed article in E&P on the topic of subsea processing and monitoring. In addition, Pierpont worked with IPT Global to submit their product for E&P’s Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation, leading to IPT Global’s official win of the award.