BakerCorp | Developing Brand Identity, Social Media and Innovative Thought Leaders

Commercial & Industrial, Public Relations

BakerCorp, a market leader in containment, pump, filtration, and shoring equipment rentals, acquired Kaselco, a developer of water treatment technologies, expanding their operations and services.


Grow brand identity beyond its legacy offering.


BakerCorp engaged Pierpont’s Dallas team to work closely with their in-house team to develop new comprehensive messaging that captured the innovative nature of the new BakerCorp and identify key audience segments for their expanded offerings.

Pierpont also created new social media platforms and content to drive relevant messages and position BakerCorp as an innovator. Pierpont built a significant following for BakerCorp through LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube and developed a regular cadence of breakthrough content for BakerCorp’s target audience. From the start, BakerCorp’s social media content and channels are supported by Pierpont with regular monthly metrics reporting.

Further, Pierpont helped advance BakerCorp’s thought leadership efforts through industry events and conferences.


Pierpont helped secure keynotes at BakerCorp’s most important annual industry event, assisted with the develop conference-specific messaging and materials, conducted outreach to trade media, led social media management throughout the event, and supported the creation of an interactive exhibit.

BakerCorp found its greatest engagement at this event in several years.