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American Chemistry Council | Driving Conversations on Hurricane Preparedness

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On March 5, 2018, the American Chemistry Council (ACC), an industry trade association for chemical companies, and the Texas Chemistry Council hosted a forum to discuss lessons learned from Hurricane Harvey. In an effort to generate media coverage and participation from elected officials and regulators, ACC called on Pierpont’s petrochemical experts.


The goal of the event was to facilitate open, constructive dialogues to assess the impact of this unique storm and address gaps in emergency preparedness for elected officials, regulators, members of the media, and the general public.


Pierpont developed key messaging to communicate the industry’s disaster response efforts with key stakeholders and utilized visual storytelling to highlight industry collaboration and strategic partnerships.

By proactively engaging media outlets, including Bloomberg, the Houston Chronicle, and ICIS, Pierpont was able to drive substantive conversations around the industry’s performance during and post-Harvey and showcased their partnership with government agencies and first responders.


Pierpont’s efforts helped disseminate vital information that demonstrated the chemical industry’s commitment to supporting its people and fostering fruitful relationships with the regulatory community and federal and state officials.