Alpha Troop

Alpha Troop | Bringing Distinction to Vietnam Soldiers

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Alpha Troop, a small but heroic group of 300 American soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War, exemplified the epic valor of historic war tales told and re-told through the ages―except their story was never shared. On May 26, 1970, Alpha Troop, the 11th Armored Cavalry Division, led by Captain John Poindexter, executed a high-casualty mission to rescue nearly 100 U.S. soldiers in imminent danger within the forests of Cambodia. These heroes went unrecognized for more than 40 years.


Bring distinction to Vietnam soldiers.


Pierpont’s media strategists and adept storytellers charted a course to achieve the Presidential Unit Citation (PUC), the most prestigious honor bestowed upon military units.


With the significant media attention secured for the troop as leverage, the Alpha Troop received this honor on October 20, 2009, with a televised broadcast ceremony in the White House Rose Garden presented by President Obama.