Understanding and engaging your stakeholders is critical in every facet of communications but especially when it comes to public affairs. Whether you are looking to improve government relations, execute a comprehensive stakeholder communications strategy, power map your connections or launch a public sector engagement, at Pierpont Communications, our goal is to influence public policy on your behalf.

With deep experience and far-reaching success in the public and private sectors, our team understands how to engage stakeholders to explain your organization’s policies, provide statistical and accurate information and advocate on issues that impact your ability to operate effectively.

Our public affairs team is ready to provide effective counsel on your lobbying and advocacy needs. With strong relationships with elected and appointed officials at the municipal, county, state and federal levels, we will work to ensure your issue or project receives the right interest and support from the right people.

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Public Affairs Portfolio of Services


  • Messaging and Content Development
  • Legislative Monitoring and Reporting
  • Government Relations
  • Advocacy, Public Awareness and Education Campaigns
  • Grass Tops/Grassroots Initiatives
  • Issues Management
  • Facilitating Public/Private Partnerships
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Public Entity Testimony Preparation and Consulting
  • Managing Digital Communications

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