Introducing Landmen to the Public

In the summer of 2013, the reputation of landmen across the country was under attack. With the resurgence of domestic oil and gas production, the profession was growing rapidly and unprofessional behavior by a few bad apples was tarnishing the reputation of the industry at large and prompting calls for regulation. Further, the movie Promised Land was due for release in the fall, expected to portray landmen in a particularly negative light in only the way Hollywood can.

Making the Introduction

Rather than await that release and continue to be on the defensive, the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) took decisive action, engaging Pierpont to build a reputation campaign that eventually invited Americans to “meet an American Landman.” Entailing videos of actual landmen from across the country, these genuine stories appeared as ads on news sites and in trade publications and led to, which educated consumers on what a landman is and the important role they play in communities.

A Resounding Success

The results of the campaign were outstanding, generating almost 30 million impressions, 140,000 click-thrus and many earned media placements. Most importantly, when the movie was released, the reaction among AAPL members was slim – having seen that their association predicted and pre-empted its impact – and eventually interest in regulating landmen waned.

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