What Should Businesses Do If TikTok is Banned in the US

What should US businesses do about TikTok?

Don’t panic. TikTok’s American users are also on plenty of other social networks. 

Let us talk about TikTok, the popular video-sharing app that allows users to create and share short-form videos on diverse topics. In the last five years, it has become one of the most popular apps, not just for American teenagers, but among millennials as well.  
As a result of its popularity, TikTok has become a powerful marketing channel for businesses large and small to reach younger audiences.  

The U.S. House recently passed a bill that could force ByteDance, the Chinese internet company, to sell TikTok. According to the bill, should ByteDance fail to divest within six months, TikTok could be removed from American app stores.  

With President Biden’s apparent support for the measure, the reality of a TikTok-free U.S. market seems possible. This potential shake-up in the digital space has prompted an important question: How should businesses prepare for a TikTok-less environment? 

My advice? Do not panic. And here is why:  

People use an average of 6.6 different social networks every month. This means that if a business’s customers are active on TikTok, they are also active on other social media apps.  

Data from Meltwater and reported by DataReportal backs this up. A majority of TikTok’s audience also interacts with other major platforms. 80% use Instagram, 82% are on Facebook, and 77% frequent YouTube.  

These reports also reveal that only 0.1% of TikTok users exclusively use TikTok. That means that over 99% of the TikTok audience can be reached on other social channels.  

And content created for TikTok can be easily adapted for other apps. Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts are all rip-offs of TikTok’s video style.  

So, do not panic, pivot.  Assess your digital marketing strategies and goals to determine where your audiences are most active and how you can reach them on other social networks. 

The rapidly evolving situation with TikTok reminds us of the dynamic nature of the digital marketing world. Businesses should view this potential market shift not as a setback but as an opportunity to diversify their social media presence and strengthen their engagement strategies across a broader array of platforms. By doing so, they can ensure continuity in their digital outreach efforts and maintain robust connections with their audiences, regardless of the changes in the social media landscape. 

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