Pierpont Communications Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Today marks the 35th anniversary of Pierpont Communications!

Characterized by years of longevity, vitality, and award-winning PR and marketing, this milestone serves as a signifier of excitement, anticipation, and curiosity for what is yet to come.

The long and fulfilling road to today’s Pierpont is abundant with highs and lows, cross-country experiences, and the essential people that tell its story. Pierpont’s 35th anniversary is only the beginning of such landmarks. In my eyes, the future is brimming with even more adventures—ones that will further exemplify independence, grit, and a commitment to hard work as they did in the years before.

From as far back as I can remember, I have always been an entrepreneur. I was a lemonade-stand kid. I had my own paper route. This calling of independence and autonomy over my work started from a young age and later became a reality in 1987.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of New York City, I headed down south to the Lone Star State with my portfolio, a salesman-like way of going about business, and a genuine passion for networking. I didn’t have much then, but I knew I had the ability to hustle.

The beginnings of Pierpont were born out of a fledgling idea written down on a notepad, a fast-paced Manhattan-mentality I had learned on Madison Avenue, and an entrepreneurial itch that I could only describe as a beckoning call to a future.

With help from a friend of mine here in Houston, true to Southern hospitality, I was able to wrangle a desk to work on and a phone to call from.

You could say it was bootstrapped in the beginning—Pierpont did not develop without its fair share of challenges. I knew the door to Pierpont’s success would only be cracked open by obtaining clients and then propelling forward.

After a few years of working as a solo practitioner, I was lucky enough to witness the company’s advancement in the form of a new intern who would later become Pierpont’s first hire. In 1992, Pierpont rose from the bottom of the Houston 100 (a 90’s-era list of Houston’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies) to the top of the ranks.

With expansions into offices in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, Pierpont soon became the top independent PR and marketing agency in Houston and the largest independent firm in the southwest. This success, I believe, comes from the inspired and integrated role Pierpont plays for both its employees and clients alike.

We have stuck to our core values of supporting the differentiated and unique needs of clients across various industries, interweaving creativity and fun in the work we do, and balancing those integral characteristics with high expectations, day-in and day-out. This culture gives reason to why we’ve been selected by Houston Business Journal as a “Best Place to Work” fourteen times.

Our firm’s philosophy of “driving forward business with actionable ideas” and our unfaltering work ethic keep the engine of the agency running.

We don’t want to make money at all costs. I have always believed in a work-life balance. It mattered that I took my kids to school every day, that I could cheer for them on the sidelines as their basketball coach. I always aim to create that same environment for our employees.

As I look at the new era of communications in the decade just beginning, I ask myself: where do I see Pierpont Communications in the future? I’d like to see Pierpont be around for the next 50 years. We want to grow. It’s my belief that either you are growing or you are dying. While you cannot always grow instantaneously, you can always put your best foot forward and do the best work that you can do.

On this 35th anniversary, here’s to many more years of Pierpont! I have no doubt our future will be characterized by evolution and innovation alongside the same independent thinking, award-winning services, and a will to foster freedom, relationships, and success.

Born out of a notepad and a dream, in my eyes the best of Pierpont Communications is yet to come.

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