Siluria Technologies

A Game-Changing Energy Tech Story

San-Francisco-based Siluria Technologies is a pioneer in the commercial production of fuels and petrochemicals from clean and abundant natural gas. Siluria partnered with Pierpont to tell its energy technology story in a way that would convey the pillars of credibility, trust, engagement and distinction to its key publics: customers, partners, government entities, as well as both the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

On April 1, 2015, Siluria cut the ribbon on its demonstration plant located in LaPorte, Texas, at a facility site operated by the global petrochemical giant Braskem. The milestone marked the world’s first large-scale production of ethylene directly from natural gas through the Oxidative Coupling of Methane (“OCM”). In the words of Siluria’s CEO, the event marked the very real possibility that the company’s technology could “rewrite the economics of the hydrocarbon economy.”

A ‘Holy Grail’ of Petrochemicals

Pierpont’s editorial strategy connected Siluria’s demonstration plant directly with the leading media covering fuels, petrochemicals and oil and gas technology, as well as several of the most influential energy business reporters in the country. This included: Chris Helman of Forbes who wrote that: “Upstart Siluria Technologies turns shale gas into plastics and gasoline…attracts investment on the promise it has discovered a Holy Grail of the petrochemicals industry.” The Houston Chronicle’s FuelFix headlined: “Startup says it’s a catalyst for cheaper chemical production.” And critical industry trade publication Hydrocarbon Processing told the global petrochemical industry that “Siluria launches world’s first gas-to-ethylene demonstration plant.”

In all, Pierpont’s approach to media coverage of Siluria’s marquee event attracted 12 of the most influential oil, gas and petrochemical media organizations to the day’s proceedings and generated resulting story coverage totaling more than 56 million readers.