The Rose Breast Center of Excellence

The Rose | Expanding Breast Care through an Expanded Strategy

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The Rose is a leading non-profit breast cancer awareness and screening organization in the Texas Gulf Coast region. Over the years, it has worked to ensure all women, including those without insurance, have access to screening, diagnostic and treatment services.


The Rose’s commitment to providing care for the is heavily reliant upon ongoing growth and an easily maintained sustainability plan of securing insured patients.


After extensive research and evaluation of The Rose’s business model, Pierpont built a strong brand platform that uncovered differentiating factors and developed proactive brand messaging to reach its target audience. Pierpont created an integrated public outreach plan that encouraged participation and community education. The Rose then used the final plan to solicit and secure grants to fund the proposed initiatives.


The Rose was successful in securing grants and funding and has since served over 32,000 women per year performing over 56,000 procedures.