Softeq | Repositioning to an Innovator & Technology Accelerator

Technology & Innovation, Public Relations

Softeq Development Corporation (Softeq) sought Pierpont’s help in reaching technology opinion leaders in Houston and beyond as it evolved from a global software and services development company into a multifaceted innovation-focused company, including a venture fund and the Softeq Venture Studio, an in-house accelerator program for early-stage startups.


Working closely with the marketing team at Softeq, Pierpont created a multi-stakeholder outreach plan designed to highlight Softeq’s experience in supporting emerging companies in addition to its base of Fortune 500 clients. Using the launch of the Softeq Venture Fund and the Softeq Venture Studio as opportunities, Pierpont identified key media and influencers, including local Houston and technology media, business associations, accelerators and incubators along with local elected officials.


Using Softeq’s key business milestones as the focal point of the sustained narrative, Pierpont created a focused public relations program. We began with elected official briefings and introductions to business associations, built toward in-person events to engage the innovation community, and culminated with proactive media relations highlighting the business and commercial successes as the venture fund grew and the number of startups involved in each cohort increased.


As a result of Pierpont’s comprehensive and multi-stakeholder outreach plan, Softeq has:

  • Gained media exposure both in its hometown market of Houston and in local markets in other parts of the country where some of the fund’s limited partners reside.
  • Increased visibility of its new focus and the number of applications to the Softeq Venture Studio cohorts.
  • Seen the cohort increase from five companies in 2021 to 49 in 2022, a significant increase from the start of the program.