Public Affairs | Using Communications Research and Insights to Support and Inform Legal Strategy

Professional & Financial, Digital Marketing, Public Affairs

In 2021, a major global law firm approached Pierpont to support a listening and monitoring project related to an emerging mass tort case involving a consumer products manufacturer. Additionally, the legal team was in the early stage of needed ways to track and measure sentiment and trends over time and preserve campaign assets should they be required as archives for the case.


The legal team needed a way to obtain both real-time and historical, aggregated insights into the paid, earned, shared and owned media about the subject of the lawsuit to inform and guide ongoing response.


Using a combination of existing digital tools and custom-built systems, Pierpont created a holistic solution to monitor for earned media mentions, online and broadcast advertising and social posts mentioning the brand and the alleged legal claims. Throughout the case the team identified sudden spikes of activity, provided weekly reports and shared month-over-month trendlines illustrating broad shifts in the narrative and micro-spurts of activity. Pierpont tracked all online advertising over time, measuring the number of ads published and (when possible) estimated spending.


As a result of building and refining a process over time, Pierpont’s insights have allowed the legal team to remain focused on case strategy, using the monitoring reports to guide their response and allowing the client’s media team to concentrate on their core business.