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Employer Flexible | Creating Thought Leaders in a Crowded Space

Professional & Financial, Marketing & Creative

Employer Flexible, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that handles the outsourced HR and Benefits for small and medium-sized businesses across Texas, partnered with Pierpont to increase their visibility in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Pierpont was challenged with helping the company penetrate the markets they’ve served for many years in a new and inventive way, all while operating in a crowded space with a handful of very reputable and seasoned competitors.


Employer Flexible looked to Pierpont to create a marketing strategy, revise messaging, develop a lead generation program, and above all, establish them as thought leaders and the most trusted PEO in Texas.


Pierpont dove into the company’s existing assets, identifying where and how they could leverage their unique message and core differentiators to stand out from the competition. Among other marketing tactics, Pierpont created original thought leadership pieces each month for Employer Flexible, focusing on helping their clients solve real issues their businesses were facing.


Created assets became a trusted source for their clients, which includes business owners, CEOs, CFOs, and HR teams, on topics such as sexual harassment, bullying, and DOL legislations.