Cumberland Estate | Increasing Awareness of Upland Bird Hunting Experience with Influencer Marketing & Earned Media

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Cumberland Estate, a significant establishment in Virginia's history since the 17th century, is an upscale property spanning 3,400 acres on the banks of the Pamunkey River. The venue comprises five distinct residences perfectly situated for various ceremonies and gatherings such as hunting expeditions, corporate events, historical explorations, special events, and more. Upon stepping on the property, visitors find themselves captured by its historical charm and sense of Southern hospitality while experiencing modern comforts and luxurious amenities.

Cumberland approached Pierpont to execute a tailored upland bird hunting event to increase awareness of Cumberland Estate within the Richmond hunting community, develop brand awareness, highlight the historical significance, and create higher engagement and conversion rates during Quail/ Duck hunting season.


Our team positioned the focus for potential outreach on hunting enthusiasts in the East Coast/ Mid-Atlantic Region and developed an integrated marketing campaign that was specifically tailored to generate more guests.  

Key to our approach was inviting third-party social media influencers and media contacts to experience Cumberland Estate – from a guided hunt to a farm-to-table dinner and historic tour, the campaign aimed to convert every guest into a longstanding brand ambassador. Additionally, to increase the efficacy of the efforts in the Influencer/Media event campaign, it was critical to capitalize on the inbound website traffic and growth in social media following by amplifying existing digital marketing efforts through email marketing and google advertising campaigns, as well as SEO optimization. 


Pierpont suggested launching a social media influencer and media campaign to raise brand awareness. The team developed a tailored strategy to reach eminent travel writers who could offer third-party credibility and niche influencers to share the Cumberland Experience with their followers. Timed with the quail hunting season, the team planned an exclusive event for top-tier media and influencers at Cumberland Estate. The centerpiece of the one-day event focused on a guided quail hunt followed by a fresh farm-to-table dinner. Before the guests departed in the morning, they toured the Cumberland Estate grounds to learn about the property’s historical significance.  After the media and influencers trip, they covered their experience at Cumberland Estate through their respective channels.  


Pierpont secured hunting-based social media influencers based in the Northeast region alongside reporters and freelancers affiliated with hunting publications. Target attendees included: Clint Campbell, a male hunting influencer and host of Truth by the Stand podcast, Lauren Abbot, publisher of Hunt & Field Magazine specializing in southern lifestyle and hunting enthusiasts, and John Gurley, host of PBS show Exploring Eden featuring extraordinary natural landscapes in Appalachia Virginia.  

Pierpont worked with Cumberland Estate leaders to organize and curate the campaign, negotiated influencer contracts, and managed the media relationships.  

Influencer, Clint Campbell's Truth From The Stand Podcast resulted in over 3K downloads and 1.5K accounts reached on Instagram. Hunt & Field Magazine ran a feature story on Cumberland's Upland Bird Hunting in their May 2024 print issue.

Podcast listeners +3K
Accounts Reached +1K