ClearSign | Content & Digital Audit for a Cohesive Strategy

Technology & Innovation, Digital Marketing, Public Relations

ClearSign had the challenge of leveraging its online presence for both educational and sales purposes to its audiences. 


As part of Pierpont’s overarching public relations engagement with ClearSign, we conducted a website optimization project to support the organization in elevating its website presence as both a destination to educate and inform audiences and as a critical touchpoint in the sales conversion process.


To ensure ClearSign’s website accomplished these goals, Pierpont took a multi-pronged approach that included evaluating and delivering to ClearSign an audit with specific recommendations focused on traffic generation, conversion path, current content strategy, SEO and more.


We took a deep dive into each area of focus to review: 1) what key messages were resonating; 2) where site visitors were coming from and why; 3) where visitors were dropping off once they arrived on-site; and 4) how investor relations and public relations efforts were supporting overall communications goals. The final product provided ClearSign with recommendations to implement for a more cohesive communications strategy moving forward.