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Capital One | “Principal for a Day” Program

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The “Principal for a Day” program invited executives and community leaders to shadow principals for one day to gain a better understanding of the rewards and demands of educational leadership.


Pierpont’s Public Affairs team helped Capital One strengthen its partnerships with key educators and government officials, as well as make a difference in local markets through this unique program.


Building Awareness with the Community 

Pierpont recognized early on that taking ownership of “Principal for a Day” would be a rewarding opportunity and recommended Capital One to serve as the leading and sole sponsor of the program. After confirming the event was a strategic fit with the company’s business objectives, Pierpont began implementing the program and maximizing Capital One’s involvement. Pierpont initiated relationships with the City of Houston, the Just Help Foundation, and the Houston Independent School District (HISD) and formed a joint committee to implement the program.

Pierpont sought out several interesting angles for media coverage and subsequently secured coverage in several top-tier broadcast and print outlets. One unique angle involved Pierpont arranging for Capital One’s regional president to serve as principal for a day at his own Alma matter, Westbury High School, as well as serve as the keynote speaker during the luncheon that afternoon.


Emerging as a Leader

Capital One emerged as a leader among its corporate peers and gained the respect of city officials and area educators for their support of the Houston educational system. Not only were the mayor and the HISD Superintendent pleased with the outcome of the program, but Capital One also successfully achieved its goal of supporting the community through charitable contributions, branding, and innovative educational partnerships.

The program was then replicated and Dallas and other cities across Texas with equal success.