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Belmont Village | Driving Awareness & Growing Followers on Social Media

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Belmont Village Senior Living serves senior residents in communities all over the country. New competitors were entering geographic areas where Belmont has existing facilities or was planning to open new ones. So, Belmont needed help reasserting itself online, especially on social media, to encourage seniors and their families to consider their communities.


Belmont Village’s objective for Facebook was to increase awareness of their senior living facilities across the US. For Instagram, Belmont Village wanted to grow their followers, having launched their Instagram page in 2019.


Pierpont partnered with Belmont to closely analyze which social media posts were earning the highest reach, impressions and engagement. We then consulted and partnered with Belmont to create new content for Facebook that would boost awareness and interaction on the platform.

Pierpont also provided a clear and actionable strategic plan for Belmont’s new Instagram channel. Once it debuted, we also carefully analyzed which types of posts earned the most engagement and led to follower growth. Our analyses drove collective decisions about new and improved Instagram content.


Thanks to our analysis, recommendations and content contributions, Belmont Village’s engagements on Facebook—across all their community channels—increased 42% in the most recent quarter measured. In addition, their average engagement rate on Facebook reached 6.25%, far exceeding the median engagement rate of 0.64%.

On Instagram, in just three years, followers grew to more than 1,200. In the most recent quarter measured, Belmont’s Instagram followers grew at a 6.7% clip, while earning an average engagement rate of 8.16%.

Facebook Engagement Increase 42%
Instagram Follower Growth +1k