AcctTwo | Building Credibility with Key Decision Makers

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The software as a service (SaaS) market has exploded in recent years, making standing out in an increasingly crowded field more and more challenging. To attract the attention of key decision makers and those who would ultimately make buying decisions for enterprises, SaaS provider, AcctTwo, had to differentiate itself in a manner that demonstrated credibility and unique approaches to challenges being faced by growing businesses in need of accounting and financial systems.


AcctTwo enlisted the support of Pierpont to help uncover compelling story angles where AcctTwo and its executives could provide a unique point of view and get in front of decision makers like chief financial officers and chief technology officers to highlight its accounting and financial reporting SaaS offering.


To accomplish this challenge, Pierpont developed compelling messages focused on being thought provoking and beneficial to executives facing financial, technological, or operational challenges. Pierpont also worked on establishing and strategizing media angles that mattered to financial and technology executives: a focus on operational challenges, and ways to improve efficiency.


As a result of Pierpont’s media outreach, AcctTwo and its executives have been front and center in the publications their customer targets trust and read every day, including Houston Business Journal, Accounting Today and Financial Executive. From profiles about and interviews with AcctTwo’s founder and its other executives, to highlighting the results AcctTwo has provided its clients, Pierpont positioned AcctTwo as a thought leader and trusted provider. By implementing a focused messaging and media outreach program, AcctTwo strengthened its position with customers and prospects, and established itself as an attractive acquisition target by a large national firm.