Have you ever asked yourself – where do I begin?

  One of my favorite things about working for a PR agency is that you have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and industries. I’ve worked on everything from food brands and technology companies to non-profits and major consumer brands. Although working here has provided me with a wealth of experiences, the […]

5 Tips for Landing a PR Internship

Looking for a PR Internship? Here are a few of our best tips for landing a PR internship. Managing Pierpont’s intern program, we’ve seen it all in the last three decades. We’ve been fortunate to have had excellent interns and many have joined the firm as entry-level employees (including the author, in 2003). At Pierpont, we always […]

The Rise of the “She-conomy” – Why women drive the economy and why it matters to you

  Move over minivan ads and day time soaps…   Today’s women want more than just pretty things. They want things that save them time, money and, most of all, meet their many needs.   They also represent a big opportunity for businesses. According to the authors of “The Female Economy,” a study published by […]