Is your team looking to shape and share your brand story? Or perhaps you’ve identified your key messages and core strategy but need communications training to convey it more powerfully?

From message development and content creation to sharing your story through live interviews, with investors or at a time of crisis, Pierpont’s communications training can help empower your teams and leaders. Pierpont’s communications training offerings include content and creativity, media relations, crisis communications and presentation training. Our team brings years of experience and best practices to guide dynamic discussions, Q&A sessions and hands-on scenarios—from interactive activities to on-camera simulated media interviews.

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Crisis Communications Training

Are your organization’s leaders prepared to address a crisis internal and external stakeholders? And the media? From crisis planning and on-site crisis management to spokesperson training, Pierpont’s experienced, boots-on-the-ground team can help you establish a sound crisis response. Pierpont’s crisis communications training provides a customized approach to guide your spokespeople through realistic scenarios. So if an incident should occur, your team is ready to proactively and appropriately respond through all your critical channels—from shareholder communications to emerging social media platforms.

Depending on your needs, Pierpont’s crisis training may address the following:

  • Discovery and planning sessions to develop relevant, customized scenarios for your participants.
  • Tabletop crisis communications exercises based on realistic social media, media inquiries and changing/evolving situations on the ground.
  • Live, in-person classroom training addressing all aspects of engaging with the media effectively.
  • Customized video-based interview training with mock scenarios to prepare designated spokespersons for engaging with the media.
  • Playback and evaluation of mock interview to refine skills.

Media & Spokesperson Training

Preparing for media interviews can be far more extensive than many realize—from knowing when and how to weave in your key messages to redirecting challenging questions. Pierpont’s proven, customized approach combines the latest in media training tips with on-camera interviews based on scenarios customized for your team. Each session is tailored for your organization’s unique goals, taking into account everything from your key messages and personalities of leaders to any compliance or communications policies.

Depending on length and scope of session, training may include:

  • Discovery and planning sessions to develop relevant, customized scenarios for your participants.
  • Evaluation and incorporation of existing media policy materials, key messages and other tools maintain message consistency.
  • Interactive discussion of media relations best practices and Q&A.
  • Discussion of social media platforms and their role in crisis communications and news environments.
  • Live, mock on-camera interviews with custom scenarios.
  • Playback and evaluation of mock interview to refine skills. 

Presentation Training

Whether sharing information about yourself, your company or your latest product, presentations are about evoking thinking, feeling and doing from your audience. Yet, far too often our presentations verge on boring and focus solely on us. Through this hands-on training, we’ll help you rethink your approach to create better resonance and connection with your audiences- to invite more action. 

Based on the unique goals and needs of your team, this session could include:

  • Develop and present your 30-second elevator speech to present yourself more succinctly and create an opening for dialogue. 
  • Discussion of the importance of body language, delivery, tonality and other non-verbal elements that visually speak to audiences. 
  • Compelling ways to identify, package and present new ideas and information to clients, teams or partners to win buy-in and/or new business. 
  • Live, mock on-camera recording of your 30-second speech and presentation activities. 
  • Playback and evaluation of mock presentations to refine skills.

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