To ensure your reputation and business operations aren’t derailed by a crisis, Pierpont helps you prepare for and respond to incidents. We’ll work together to identify areas of risk or vulnerability, then create a strategic communications plan designed to help you manage a crisis effectively and protect your corporate reputation.

Pierpont’s crisis communications plans are designed to align with your business goals, ensuring that in times of crisis, disruption is minimized. We’ve helped organizations large and small navigate complex issues and return to normal business operations quickly. Our tactics and strategies deliver real results in the form of key stakeholder awareness, effective media management and accurate message delivery.

In addition to strategic crisis plan development, onsite incident support and reputation recovery, Pierpont works directly with your organization’s executives and spokespersons to provide customized communications and media training. Not only do we work with you to ensure you are prepared to engage with media and stakeholders, we help you uncover the key messages that will help tell your story during a time when every word counts.

Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

To properly respond to a crisis, you first must understand your organization’s vulnerabilities. Pierpont has helped companies uncover and evaluate the risks that have the potential to damage reputations for decades. Our thorough risk and vulnerability assessments empower organizations to make informed, strategic plans for business continuity and reputation resilience. A risk and vulnerability assessment reveals:

  • The type of risks facing your organization and industry
  • The likelihood and potential impact of issues to your organization
  • Gaps and opportunities for future efforts, training and development

Crisis Simulations & Drills

Informed by research and a risk and vulnerability assessment, Pierpont designs and facilitates tailored crisis simulations and drills meant to test your team’s response to an incident. These training exercises, which are fully customized to your needs, give your teams the confidence and skill sets needed to address any situation that threatens your business operations and reputation. Pierpont’s interactive crisis simulations will:

  • Stress test existing crisis plans to evaluate effectiveness and uncover any gaps or vulnerabilities
  • Develop skills for team members in a safe, low-risk environment to ensure they’re comfortable and prepared for a real crisis
  • Offer an objective evaluation of your team’s response and identify areas for improvement 

Brand & Reputation Management

Your brand is a valued asset that requires defending against outside threats. During a crisis, that reputation is at risk. Pierpont’s focus before or during a crisis is the defense of the reputation you worked hard to earn. Through thoughtful and strategic engagement with media and your stakeholders, Pierpont will help build, defend or repair your reputation. Some of the ways Pierpont works with you to manage your reputation include:

  • Online monitoring of mentions and sentiment to identify areas of risk or vulnerability
  • Key message development to understand storylines that resonate with stakeholders
  • Integrated media relations and communications strategies to support an effective response and ongoing reputation management

Comprehensive Crisis Communications Planning

Pierpont’s crisis communications plan development process is a robust, strategic exercise that is fully tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Whether you have a plan that is in need of review, or you’re starting from scratch, Pierpont will work alongside you to develop a crisis plan that is easily understood by every level of your organization. We dive deep into your company and industry to understand potential crises your organization may face, then develop detailed, actionable crisis plans against those threats to ensure you’re never caught unprepared. Pierpont’s crisis planning can include:

  • Review and evaluation of existing plans to uncover potential improvements or expansions for preparedness
  • Creation of entirely new plans informed by deep industry and company research
  • Collaboration with your key internal stakeholders to ensure buy-in and understanding of crisis plans

Communications & Media Training

During a crisis, a spokesperson is responsible for communicating your message to the public and plays a critical role in effective crisis management. To ensure your spokespersons are well-equipped to speak with media and other stakeholders, Pierpont offers in-depth communications and media training for executives and subject matter experts in your organization. Beyond preparing them to handle questions from stakeholders and the media, Pierpont’s approach is to help organizations discover the key messages that will resonate with audiences and ensure confident delivery of these messages under pressure. Pierpont’s communications and media training is fully customizable, but may include:

  • Discovery and planning sessions to develop relevant, customized scenarios for your team
  • Interactive discussion of media relations best practices and Q&A
    Live, mock on-camera interviews with playback and evaluation

Crisis Response & Onsite Incident Command Support

Pierpont’s team is always ready, available and prepared to provide crisis communications support and counsel in your organization in a time of need. We will quickly activate in the event of an incident and assist your company in an efficient, effective response. We provide you with an experienced and integrated core team with the right expertise for your unique situation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Immediate activation of a team whenever and wherever you need them
  • On-call support and strategic counsel onsite or remotely
  • FEMA trained and certified professionals who can work alongside your team onsite, at incident command and with your Public Information Officer

Online Reputation Monitoring & Analysis

During a crisis, Pierpont offers real-time media monitoring and analysis to capture any conversation taking place about your situation. We have a dedicated digital team with expertise in social media to support monitoring and content development in the fast-paced crisis environment. From this media intelligence gathering, we are able to keep a pulse on the conversation, evaluate the impact to your organization, and adjust our crisis response and strategy as needed. Traditional and digital media relations during a crisis may include:

  • In-depth analysis of media conversations to help inform crisis communications strategy
  • Real-time traditional and social media monitoring and analysis
  • Developing and distributing communications materials to media
    Facebook, Twitter or other social media content development

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