Lara Zuehlke Shares Career Insights at Concordia University Texas

Lara Zuehlke speaks at Concordia University Texas

Navigating a communications career can seem daunting when just starting out—especially narrowing the gap between what’s learned in the classroom and putting that knowledge into practice. Pierpont’s Lara Zuehlke recently shared her insights and lessons learned throughout her nearly two decades of experience for the Concordia University Texas Communication Club.

“So often, you’re told to focus on your weaknesses and make them better,” said Zuehlke, who got her start out of college as a reporter and magazine editor. “I’m a firm believer in identifying the critical few areas to improve but spend the majority of your time focusing on your strengths. Find what you’re passionate about and seek out opportunities that allow you to do that.”

Joining Zuehlke (pictured right) in the panel discussion was Katherine Smith (left) of Austin-based Elizabeth Christian Public Relations, and moderating was Caitlin Alexander (center), Communication Club President.