You’ve been pinned!


Some people say it is not possible, but I think Pinterest will soon be more addicting than Facebook! Pinterest (www.pinterest .com) is a social network for your favorite “things.” It goes beyond the typical posting, commenting, and “liking” of Facebook through a community of “pin boards.”

So how exactly does Pinterest work? To join Pinterest, you request an invitation straight from the website or have a friend invite you. From there, you can upload or “pin” your favorite pictures, webpages and online videos onto your “pin” boards. Each user can create his or her own unique names of boards with various interests/hobbies. For example, someone with a board about cooking could have a board entitled “recipes to try” or a fashionista could have a board entitled “must-have outfits for fall.” Pinterest users can then “repin” items onto their pinboards to share with their followers.

Pinterest has been successful in capturing the attention of users because it is easy to maneuver, provides useful information and easily connects to Facebook and Twitter. The number one complaint about Facebook is that it is constantly changing – once users get a hold of the new format, it changes. Pinterest is very simple and to the point. (Or at least, it is now!). 

People that use Pinterest will tell you, myself included, that it is super-addicting – but through the addiction comes useful information and ideas. Users can go on Pinterest and find inspiration from users’ unique boards, or use pins to come up with ideas they never would have thought of before. The best feature for social media die-hards is the fact that when you “pin” something to one of your boards, it will ask you whether you want to post it to Facebook or Twitter as well, so you can share it even with those not on Pinterest.

Pinterest, because of its various uses and functions, is quickly becoming the social network to be on. Now, the only question is, how fast can you get your invitation?