Why We Love a Royal Wedding


This week is the royal wedding! Prince William is marrying his princess, Kate Middleton. Many of us in the U.S. just can’t get enough of the wedding preparations – the bride’s dress, the wedding food, what the fashionable London society and celebrity crowd will be wearing to the wedding, and of course, the pomp and circumstance of it all. Why do we love royal weddings? It’s a huge party and we all love a great party!

More importantly, we love a good story. We desperately want William and Kate to live happily ever after – just as we hoped for Charles and Diana. William and Kate are hope to many people and that human experience makes for great drama. But all the drama will be swept away like rubbish on April 29.

I will be on vacation April 29 with dear college friends. We have a royal wedding party planned complete with hats, gloves, champagne and all things British. We’ve planned the party for weeks and all of us are excited to participate in the experience. I’m bringing homemade scones and lemon curd from the recipe book of my Scottish mother-in-law. She and I watched the wedding together at 4 a.m. when Charles and Diana married. We just can’t get enough of royalty! I promise to post pictures of our royal wedding party with an LSU twist.

As an event planner for Pierpont, I know and appreciate what it takes to pull off an event like this. The planning alone would cause a lesser woman to pull her hair out or throw herself in front of an oncoming London tube. When it comes to the royals, pardon the expression, but ‘Kate bar the door!’ No expense will be spared, especially since this is the wedding of England’s future king. I would love to have the experience of shadowing the planning team and learning what it takes to plan a royal wedding. Maybe I’m a closet wedding planner at heart or just living out a dream because I will never be a mother of the bride…I have a son.

So, toast the new royal couple next week with your favorite beverage! Enjoy the pomp, pageantry and excess because deep down, we all would love to be in London to experience the party of the year first-hand!