Who Else Should You Target?



You are going to launch a new communications program. Of course, you targeted customers and prospects for key messages. 

You went beyond customers and prospects. You identified and developed distinct messages for several other groups, including: 
• media
• investors / financial community
• strategic partners
• trade associations
• government agencies / regulators
• community leaders

Most organizations stop there. However, there is one group that is overlooked and yet is probably the most important target: Employees!

Employees are forgotten because it is assumed they know about the company since they spend their work days there. Usually, employees are well informed about their division and department, but not so much about other departments or the corporation as a whole. 

The importance of employees as a target is underscored for the following reasons:
• Employees have the greatest impact on the success of a business (nothing new here)!
• Their need for timely, accurate information to fulfill their roles is usually the greatest of any target.
• They are often sought after for informed information about your industry.
• They deal with many of your other target audiences both formally and informally.
• They are always representatives of your company – on and off the job.

Each employee group may need to be further segmented. For example, complementary but different key messages may need to be developed for management, staff, union and even contract labor, depending on organizational structure.

Well informed employees are typical in the best-managed, most successful companies. So, to complete your communications program, be sure to include employees as a target.