Tips to Increase Market Share – Part One


Lessons from the Think Tank – Issue One


After facilitating hundreds of Think Tanks with high growth entrepreneurs over the last 25 years, I have uncovered three fundamental issues for any business focused on increasing market share.

Issue One: Can your customers distinguish you from your competitors?

A quick search on Google will tell you how many competitors you really have. There are thousands, even  millions of choices out there. Take a look at a few websites. Notice the patterns. You’ll quickly notice every­one says the same thing: Customers are #1; we are your trusted partners; we offer world-class (fill in the blank) — yadda, yadda… A friend of mine calls the Internet “buckets full of buzz words.” Unfortunately, that description can fit many of our websites perfectly.

The problem is: When everyone says the same thing, no one says anything.

When no one stands out, buyers have a hard time making a choice. Once you realize at least 66 percent of the B2B buying processes literally begins (and often ends) on the web, the impact of this hyper-change in buyer behavior really begins to hit you. You are losing prospects you didn’t even know you had.

LESSON LEARNED: You have to give your customers MEANINGFUL reasons to choose you and that means you have to be willing to be different. 


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About the Author
Denise Patrick has provided marketing and consulting services to over 2,500 firms since 1987. An expert in buyer behavior and behavioral economics, Denise works with high-growth entrepreneurs to develop the right strategies to bring their products and services to market. Denise Patrick is a senior strategist at Pierpont Communications in Houston.