The Rest of the Ballot



O.K. Folks, we are all tuned into the Presidential election. You would have to live under a rock to not know it was happening in the next 6 weeks.

So many people will arrive at their polling place to “vote for President” and of course, I advocate voting no matter what. However, once you arrive in Harris County, you will be faced with a very long list of choices.

One of the first choices is to vote for all nominees of one party or the other on the ballot. Many people do this as well. If you do vote straight party, be sure that you go to the end of the ballot where those all important bond choices are for the region as well as funding decisions about Metro.

Actually, only a small percentage will vote straight party. Many people will muddle through all the choices and randomly select names they have heard of or the name they like best. This process lacks responsibility.

There will be many opportunities to study ALL the candidates on the ballot. The Houston League of Women Voters publishes one of the best and most unbiased voter guides. While it is not available yet, it will be soon. Click here to view it when it becomes available. If you are involved in a political organization or advocacy group, they will likely screen candidates and make recommendations.

This ballot will contain so many offices – from Railroad Commissioners (regulate the oil and gas industry) to County Sheriff to more Judges than you can count and Justice of the Peace. Begin now to acquaint yourself with these candidates, study their positions and be a wise voter.

Voting is a right and it is your duty to exercise it with knowledge.