The Never-Ending Election Cycle

Now that we are in the doldrums of summer elections, my circles are starting to seriously buzz about Houston city politics in 2013.

While we are only weeks away from the Texas Primary Run-offs, they are just not as much fun as the early speculation for 2013 in Houston. The bonds on the 2012 ballot remain a hot topic but inevitably lead to speculation on the outcome of the vote and how that might effect 2013 candidates.

In Houston, we live in a never-ending election cycle. There is always something to vote on in almost any given year. With a preponderance of school districts in the region, there are school board and bond elections and multiple municipalities hold their elections at different times.

The big one, however, is always the City of Houston elections held in November of odd numbered years.

So, if you are a resident of Houston for 2012 – 2013, you have the opportunity to vote in May for Republican or Democratic party nominations and you will select the final nominees in a late-July run-off. In November, you may vote for President, U.S. Senate, Congressional races and state legislative races as well as a proliferation of bond issues. In February of 2013, the “season” opens for Houston city elections and candidates will officially file their paperwork. They will campaign and raise money through November 2013.

This week, the blog will focus on early speculation regarding 2013 since we need to spice up the summer a bit.

Keep the faith, voters – there’s always another election just around the corner.