The CSR Blog: A Mandate in Achieving Business Success


The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been bandied about for some years now and is far past the point of a fad. In fact, it has become part of the formula for today’s successful businesses by properly acknowledging responsibilities to its stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers and investors. 

In today’s business climate, employees want to know they are working for a sustainable organization that seeks to do more good than harm. In fact, a 2012 study conducted by non-profit Net Impact found 53% of employees and 72% of students about to enter the workforce want a job where they feel they are making a difference

Employees aside, consumers are seeking brand and service relationships with organizations who they perceive to be giving back. Do Well Do Good reported in 2010, via Forbes, more than 88% of consumers think companies should try to achieve their business goals while improving society and the environment.

Internal and external expectations have led most organizations to operate under a model called the Triple Bottom Line. This model measures and is used to report on the business successes based on three pillars: people, planet, profit. 

As corporations move to shift toward this more sustainably-focused model, they need advice and counsel on how to do so; that’s where public relations comes in. Pierpont and other PR and strategic communications agencies are being sought to align corporate interests with civic engagement and sustainability initiatives. 

Pierponters will take on this conversation in monthly installments. Stay tuned!

The Pierpont Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) blog is a discussion of topics related to a company’s effort to take responsibility for its impact on the environment and on social welfare. By developing a strategic CSR plan, a company can create a shared value for investors, society, the environment and its business objectives.