The Buddy System: Why Mentoring Matters


We Pierponters, just like many companies across all sectors, recognize the importance of connecting younger recruits to more experienced employees. Fostering authentic, effective relationships among senior and junior employees is vital to fulfilling the newer employees’ professional development goals, as well as their need to feel that they have a meaningful role in the company. Mentoring can play a significant role in retaining great employees, boosting productivity and maintaining positive morale in the workplace.

So for those companies considering implementing a mentorship program, I’d like to share with you two types of effective mentoring we practice here at Pierpont: 

• Peer Mentors: Connecting entry level employees with their peers can help them get over the “new employee” jitters and climb the learning curve faster. These types of relationships are centered on helping with day-to-day questions and getting them better acquainted with the company’s processes and procedures. 

Here at Pierpont, we use the “Buddy” system. New employees are matched with colleagues who help with specific skills, get them up to speed on our organizational practices and settled into life at Pierpont.

• Career Mentors: Another important mentoring relationship focuses on employees’ professional progression. Pairing junior staffers with senior management gives the younger employees a source for support and career advice. To most effectively maintain this relationship, mentors should meet with their mentees on a regular basis, in both formal and informal settings. 

At Pierpont, our Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents are each paired with a junior staffer and meet with them on a quarterly, sometimes monthly, basis to ensure their professional development goals are being met. Younger employees are encouraged to voice any questions or concerns, and managers often share candid performance feedback from colleagues across the firm. 

Fostering these types of mentoring relationships helps create a productive and motivational work environment for all involved, thus boosting morale across the board. Plus, demonstrating you truly care about your employees and their needs is essential to retaining talented workers. 

Do you make mentoring a priority in your company culture? Leave us a comment below.