The Biggest Mistake CEOs Make When It Comes to PR

Phil Morabito on Texas Business Radio

What’s the biggest mistake CEOs make when it comes to public relations?

Beyond simply understanding the power of PR, Pierpont’s CEO Phil Morabito recently discussed the impact of building and sustaining corporate reputation with Texas Business Radio hosts Matt Register and Jay W. Curry. 

Many executives never stop to consider whether their organizations can sustain a hit to their brand—or what they should do for crisis prevention in the first place. Yet, as Morabito explained, today’s always-on environment leaves organizations more susceptible to situations that impact their reputations. 

“We used to be 24/7, and now we’re 24/7 and a half,” said Morabito. “We are on call for multiple clients 24/7 if a crisis breaks. Social media has an incredible impact and spreads quickly. It’s the dynamic that you have to be on all the time and prepared and ready to take action in a crisis situation.”

Watch the 10-minute radio segment below to find how to handle this always-on environment—and how to avoid the biggest mistake most CEOs make. 

(Pierpont Communications – Philip Morabito – Texas Business Radio from RREA Media on Vimeo.)