Terry Hemeyer Discusses the Skills to Look for When Hiring PR Firms or PR Graduates in Texas Enterprise and PR Week

Terry Hemeyer, Senior Counsel, knows what firms and companies are looking for in a new PR hire. Terry provides a checklist for PR educators to follow, thereby creating skilled, sought after graduates who can thrive in the classroom. Be sure to look for this in CONTACT, The 2012 Press & PR Handbook published by PR Week Magazine.

In Texas Enterprise, Terry reviews the “character skills” companies look for when hiring in their communications division. It is crucial that graduates and job-searching PR pros consider these traits when interviewing. Some of the pointers are as follows:

  1. Networking Skill: Will the candidate succeed in face-to-face business and social relationships beyond the internet?
  2. Writing Strength: Few skills are more important than the ability to communicate concisely, including editing and spelling.
  3. Collaborative Aptitude: Watch for signs the person can successfully work in teams, recognizing different personal abilities and roles appropriate for each team member.

You can read the full article in Texas Enterprise here.