Terry Hemeyer Asks: Is Blue Bell Doing the Right Thing?

Pierpont’s crisis expert and executive counsel, Terry Hemeyer, asked the question that the media, public and ice cream lovers across the country are wondering: Will the “Little Creamery” remain one of the top ice cream brands in the U.S. despite its recent crisis situation?

In a Houston Business Journal guest article, Terry examines Blue Bell’s crisis response and applauds the series of effective decisions from Blue Bell leadership. He also shares the positive response Blue Bell has received so far from the community and through social media.

Snapshot from the article: Despite the angst surrounding Blue Bell Creameries’ well-publicized listeria outbreak, one thing is clear: Blue Bell has practiced stellar crisis communications. The company has been honest, transparent and accountable, qualities which have placed it in the best possible position to rebound from this crisis.

Read the full HBJ article here: Is Blue Bell doing the right thing? 

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