Six things to do (& not do) with your new Facebook Timeline


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Facebook has changed the way your profile looks – again. Today, Facebook has unrolled the Timeline for all users. For those of you not in the familiar with it, Timeline is, quite simple, a timeline of your life on Facebook. 

As a big fan of the new Timeline, I created a list of dos and don’ts that will hopefully make your experience with the new layout go more smoothly, and be much more enjoyable.

1. First of all, DON’T think you’ll actually quit Facebook because of this change. Remember when you said that about News Feed? And now we can’t imagine Facebook without it! Once you get used to Timeline, you’ll grow to love it.

2. DO something creative with your cover photo. Here are some ideas

3. DON’T forget to recheck your privacy settings. Yes, they’ve changed again, and they are especially important now as it is easier than ever to see your past posts – even those you may have forgotten about (for good reason!) a few years back. On the bright side, your privacy settings are easier to customize and change as you post things.

4. And on that topic… DO customize your timeline by hiding and featuring stories as you see fit. You can hide a story by clicking on the pencil and selecting “Hide Story.” You can feature a story by selecting the star in the corner (this will make the story two columns wide.) You can also show stories that Facebook has hidden by expanding the dots that run along the center of your timeline.

5. DO fill out your timeline with fun facts. Don’t be afraid to add your favorite vacation as a child or when you got your wisdom teeth out. Make it a true timeline of your life – even before Facebook was around. 

6. DON’T ignore the subscribe feature. Use this as a chance to see what your favorite actors, celebrities and thought leaders are sharing on Facebook. 

What do you think of the new timeline?